How Will It Affect Us?

Barton Rovers and Barton Rovers Youth currently run 22 teams that use the pitches at the Sports Field.

This affects over 300 registered players, ranging in age from 10 years old to adults.

If this development goes ahead, without a full and complete replacement of the facility, then 300 children will lose their football club, as well the loss of valuable accessible open space for the enjoyment of the community.

Other local organisations that use the facility include Ramsey Manor Football Club, who traditionally stage their annual football festival on the pitches.

The Chiltern Youth Football League use the facility for their end of season cup finals days, which attract dozens of teams of all ages from all over the area.

The Bedfordshire Youth Football League have also staged their cup finals at the facility.

This will not only affect the people of Barton, but will affect football teams from all over Bedfordshire, who will lose access to a fantastic set of football pitches.